[Can dried tofu be frozen]_How to save_How to store

[Can dried tofu be frozen]_How to save_How to store

Soy products can often appear in people’s daily life. For example, many people will re-soy milk at breakfast, eat old tofu, and eat tofu, dried tofu, fresh tofu and so on during dinner. These are soy products.Derivatives, some snack manufacturers also use soy products to make a lot of different snacks.

Soy products are very susceptible to spoilage. Can dried tofu be frozen?

First, can the dried dried fruit be frozen in the refrigerator: frozen.

This can be known at the time of our purchase. When buying tofu in shopping malls, you should choose a non-staple food shopping mall and supermarket with refrigerated storage equipment.

Soy products with anti-contamination packaging should be chosen, such as vacuum-compressed plastic wrap.

From this point of view, dried tofu can be frozen, but do not store it repeatedly. It is necessary to follow the principle of “purchase in small quantities and eat in time”, and it is not appropriate to stock up in large quantities.

In addition, the remaining dried beans of the day should be tightly placed in a refrigerator and eaten as soon as possible. If you find that there is an abnormal smell in the bag or the surface of the dried beans is sticky, do not eat it.

Second, the nutritional value of Xianggan: 1. Because soybeans are originally foods with high protein and calcium content, so after making Xianggan, Xianggan also “inherited” its protein and calcium, so the nutritional ingredients of Xianggan are: protein,Vitamin A, vitamin B family, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc .; can supplement a variety of nutrients required by the human body.

2, and can benefit Qi and wide, Shengjin Runzao, Qingrejiedu, and spleen and stomach, as well as anti-cancer.

3, Moreover, the lecithin contained in Xianggan can remove the high blood pressure attached to the blood vessel wall, prevent vascular sclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease, and protect the heart; the various minerals contained can supplement calcium and prevent calcium deficiencyThe resulting osteoporosis promotes bone development and is extremely beneficial to the growth of bones in children and the elderly.

Such a nutraceutical food can be eaten by the general population, but due to the high sodium content of fragrant dried, people with obesity, obesity or other chronic diseases such as kidney disease and hyperlipidemia should eat it with caution; the elderly,Patients with iron deficiency anemia should not eat too much.