[3 parts of a woman’s body, a man cares about his wife most]_Men

[3 parts of a woman’s body, a man cares about his wife most]_Men

Different people’s pursuits of marriage have led to different standards for mate selection.

But do you know that a man picks his wife and pays attention to a woman’s body parts?

In the theory of phase studies, part of the human body has hidden numerology and other knowledge. If you want to look at a woman’s image, the lower jaw, waist, hips, feet, and feet are always the focus of people’s attention.

Marriage is a two-way choice. Too many people have unique mate selection criteria, and men are no exception.

Some men choose their spouse to look at their appearance, some men choose their spouse to look at their figure, some men choose their spouse to look at their family, and some depend on their cultivation . There are three major parts that men are very concerned about when choosing a spouse, and they observe womenThe best information window is also the easiest and fastest emotional channel to approach a woman’s heart.

Take a look.

Now people always like the sharp chin face on the chin. In the entertainment industry, some people even say that having a sunflower face can be a step closer to success.People have plastic surgery in order to have a sharp chin.

Although a woman has a melon seed face with too much energy, but in the theory of physiology, if the jaw is too sharp, the yin is insufficient, the luck is poor, the marriage feelings and life in old age are poor, if you have a pair of sharp-billed monkeys,It is even more of a kind generation among women.

Due to the heavy yin in a woman’s body, her body is naturally round and soft, so the best mandible looks should be round, full, and rich. Any woman who has most looks is generally calm and peaceful, and has a good life., Able to support the blessing.

Before a man decides to marry a woman, he takes it home for his parents.

Even if men don’t care about your pointy chin, the older generation always values these, and these often become the root cause of your inability to last.

Therefore, do not abandon your good blessings for beauty just like a star!