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[How is the cream too thin?

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Cream is very popular because of its sweet, sweet and delicate texture, and it is widely used in people’s foods, such as cakes, ice cream and many other foods.

The cream needs to be whipped before it can be eaten by people. After being whipped, the shape and texture of the cream will be very good, and some people will be very apt to have too thin cream. In this situation, some measures can be takenThe improvement, here comes the cream is too thin how to remedy.

How to make whipped cream thick: 1 Put fresh water into the freezer of the refrigerator for a while and freeze it into ice water, then take out the ice water and cream and prepare it. But the cream cannot be frozen in the freezer and must be placed in the refrigerator.

2Pour the cream into a clean container, add white sugar, you can add a few milliliters of rum according to your taste 3 place the container with the cream in ice water 4 beat the white sugar with an electric eggbeater at low speedIt can be done in dozens of seconds. 5 Turn the eggbeater to a high speed, hit it until you can see a clear line 6 and then continue to beat while watching. Do n’t overdo it, lift it and pull it out.Strong corner. At this time, the cream is very delicate, and the pass is completed. The correct pass step replaced 200ml of Oldenburg whipped cream.

Whipped cream must be refrigerated to get better.

Refrigerate the whipped cream for more than 12 hours before passing it.

Pour an appropriate amount of whipped cream in a stainless steel basin (to keep the basin free of water and oil). Add an appropriate amount of granulated sugar or powdered sugar according to personal taste.

It will be better to refrigerate the basin and tools first, and you can try it.

Stir gently with an eggbeater (just pass at medium speed).

The cream started to get thicker and thicker, but the texture was not clear at this time, and you need to continue to pass.

(Remember, whipping cream is very easy to overdo it. Once it is over, it will separate the oil and water, so pay more attention to it.) The lines start to appear, pick up the eggbeater, and the cream falls to prove that it has not been completely sent off. You need to continueDismiss.
Pass until the cream is thick and unable to flow.

Scrape a little with the eggbeater and it won’t fall off, which proves that it has been successfully passed, or that the blender has a small sharp hook.

Finished butter products.

Failure cases, if the tofu dregs appear, it proves that the whipped cream has been broken and turned into a state of oil and water separation.

PS: If the cream after passing cannot be used up immediately, it is not good to put it in the refrigerator.

If you put it in the refrigerator and continue decorating it is unlikely.

First of all, its state determines that it cannot be used on the surface of the cake and looks rough; secondly, the whipped cream after passing it, if placed in the refrigerator, can easily be tasted.