The secret of Japanese women who never eat fat

The secret of Japanese women who never eat fat

Japan has no fat woman?

Who said this letter?

But this is true, fat women are there, very few.

Everyone has to ask, why is there no fat woman in Japan?

In fact, they are eating out. In today’s materially rich, with the Japanese people’s living standards, fat is too normal, but why is there no fat woman in Japan?

  Why is there no fat woman in Japan?

Is this a legend?

Later, I learned that Japanese women’s skinny is eaten. They are very particular about the choice of food and how to eat, and even the utensils of food.

  1, to eat rice mainly with rice with vegetables, tofu or fish, in addition to easy to have a feeling of fullness and absorb balanced nutrition, which is more difficult to gain weight than eating pasta including bread, cakes and so on.

  2, breakfast The most important thing in Japanese culture is that breakfast is the most important meal among the three meals, so Japanese women have always prepared a rich and healthy breakfast for their families every morning. Each dish is exquisite and delicious.

The current science has proved that breakfast is the most important for health in three meals, and it is still the most difficult to get fat.

  3. The five types of food that must be eaten every week are in Japan. Most of the Japanese cuisines are mainly fish, beans, rice, vegetables and fruits. Although the varieties are simple, they can be matched with each other.Many dishes have changed, and the calorie content is relatively low.

According to the statistics of relevant Japanese departments, only these 5 simple ingredients, Japanese girls can make more than 100 different kinds of foods per week, which is far more than the 30 species in the Western countries every week.

  4, the container of food is very snacks. Japanese people know that Japanese food containers are generally small, of course, the food contained in it is smaller enough.

When you eat, you see a bunch of different kinds of containers with food piled up in front of you. First of all, psychologically, “so many foods should be eaten less,” to help control the ingredients of the food.

  5, simple cooking Japanese family metropolis instead of self-cooked boiled soup for seasoning, raw materials are mainly seaweed or tofu, fish, etc., nutritious and not too much artificial high-concentration seasonings.

Using your own soup to cook, generally no longer add seasonings, cooking methods are simpler than in Europe and America, China, nutrition is also preserved.